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3 Common Myths About Solar Energy


The demand for clean energy is growing daily in the world. The rapid development of the sphere in Armenia increases the number of solar energy myths and misconceptions.

How Do Solar Systems Work?


A modern PV system is a set of interconnected equipment that aims to produce clean electricity, and solar modules are the essential parts of such systems.

5 Alternatives to Solar: Other Types of Renewable Energy Sources


Renewable energy (alternative energy) is an infinite type of energy, like the Sun. Although coal, oil, natural gas, and other similar natural resources are gradually recovering for billions of years, they are not considered renewable energy sources.

Electric scooters - the vehicle of the future․ SOLARA has been replenished with a new assortment


In SOLARA showroom, you can find electric scooters starting from 140,000 AMD, available to everyone.

Calculate the cost of your solar system


Calculate the initial price of your solar system in our online calculator by filling in the average monthly electricity consumption and get detailed consultation from our specialists.

12 facts about clean energy


Ներկայացնում ենք հետաքրքիր փաստեր, որոնք հեղաշրջել են մարդկության «վատ սովորությունները»՝ զարկ դնելով դրանց տարածումը ամբողջ աշխարհով:

TESLA Powerwall 2 is already in Armenia. Everything you need to know about the most popular energy concentrator


Tesla Powerwall 2 is a profitable and convenient for small and medium businesses. It not only provides inexhaustible energy, operates devices in the event of an accident, but also conserves nature by reducing dangerous emissions.

Armenia as a center for e-car charging stations


SOLARA company will install 40 e-car charging stations in Yerevan and regions.

How to care for solar panels in winter


There is a need to clear snow from the panels, but it does not require much effort and complexity

Alternative energy: Armenia and the world


Modern researchers around the world are actively working on the creation and deployment of alternative energy sources...

Light to energy: how solar panels work


Solar panels, or as they call it “Solar Panels”, are a device that converts solar energy into electricity...

Solar energy for your house: advantages and disadvantages


Recently, alternative energy sources are gaining more and more popularity...