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With the Armenian climatic conditions, the use of solar energy and the installation of solar panels and water heating systems are very profitable and cost-effective ventures.

A water heater is an equipment device that uses solar energy to heat the water. A water heater system can reduce water heating costs by up to 100%. Solar water heaters can be installed in houses, residential buildings, shopping centers, schools, and agricultural areas.

There are two main types of solar water heaters: non-pressure water heaters or thermosyphons, and active or pressure water heaters.


Thermosyphon systems are simple and more common in areas with hot climates where water is less likely to freeze. They are usually more durable and affordable.
In non-pressure water heaters, the water is heated in the pipes and is poured into the tank. It saves a minimum of 10,000 AMD per month, and if you have switched from an electric water heating system, it saves a minimum of 30,000 AMD. With this system, you can have hot water for 12 months a year, even in temperatures up to -30°C.
The main disadvantage of a non-pressure water heater is that in case of damage to one of the pipes, the work of the whole system stops.



Pressure water heaters running on pumps are more efficient and require less maintenance.
As you can guess from its name, the water reaches the consumer due to the pressure. The water does not heat up in the pipes. The copper rods installed in pipes heat the water of the whole system.

Unlike non-pressure water heaters, the failure of one of the pipes does not stop the whole system.

Neither pressure nor non-pressure water heaters are designed to heat swimming pools.

Solar water heaters can be installed on the roof, mounted on the wall, or on the ground. When installing on the roof, the strength of the roof must be taken into account in advance.


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