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We regularly single out the most frequently asked questions of our customers and answer them in the most detailed way.

Is it possible to get heat using solar energy?

Technically possible, but inefficiently so. During the winter, solar energy production is at its lowest, and consumption is at its highest. The amount of investment required to install the required capacity is, in many cases, equal to the cost of 15 years of gas heating. That is, if the same amount is simply invested in the bank as a deposit, the interest income will exceed the gas savings.

Do solar systems work in cloudy weather, during fog or at night?

Electricity generation in photovoltaic stations depends on the degree of illumination. Almost no electricity is generated during fog. And at night, due to the lack of sunlight, no electricity is generated at all. The operation of solar water heaters also depends on the level of illumination. The water will hardly heat up in foggy weather. Depending on the degree of cloudiness, the water in the solar water heater will heat up to different temperatures. In winter, in direct sunlight, the water temperature will reach the level required for domestic use, even if it is very cold outside. In summer the water temperature reaches boiling point.

Does the installation of a photovoltaic station require a replacement of the existing electrical network in the home / business?

No, not required. The main change is limited to the change of the meter. The standard meter is replaced by a two-way meter.

Is it possible to install high power inverters with lower total power panels to increase the number of panels in the future?

Yes, it is possible. If you are sure that you will need to increase the number of panels some time after installation, installing one powerful inverter at first will be more profitable than installing a second small inverter.

How to take care of solar panels and vacuum flasks? How to clean them from dirt in summer and from snow in winter?

It is not desirable to clean the solar panels and flasks from the snow. It is not advisable in snowy weather, as there is no sun, and the billboards will be covered with snow again. In hot weather, the snow will melt as the panels warm up. And if the boards or flasks are dirty, they can be cleaned with distilled water or a soft microfiber cloth. Do not clean the panels in hot weather when they are hot. As a rule, the need to clean the solar panels occurs at most once a year.

How much does a two-way meter cost to install a net-metering system?

A two-phase single-phase meter costs 11,000 drams, a three-phase one 55,000 drams. It can be purchased from any licensed manufacturer. After the installation of this meter, ENA CJSC reimburses its cost one year after the date of installation as an advance payment for electricity.

How much does the electricity generation in solar photovoltaic panels decrease during the winter months?

The reduction in electricity production from photovoltaic panels depends not only on the weather conditions but also on the slope of the panels. With an optimal slope of 38 degrees, electricity production is reduced by 2 times compared to December (the rainiest month) and July (the rainiest month). In the case of horizontal installation, this figure reaches up to 3.3 times.

How to choose the optimal water heater?

During the summer, calculate the number of occupants in the house (approximately 50 liters per person) and gas consumption. If the number of residents is up to 4, and the gas consumption is up to 8000 AMD, then a 200-liter water heater will be optimal. And if there are five residents, the gas consumption is up to 10,000 drams or 250 liters. Gas consumption for 6-7 more residents is approximately 11000 AMD, followed by 300 l.

Is it possible to install a solar water heater or a solar power plant if you live in an apartment building?

Yes, it is possible. We recommend installing non-pressurized solar water heaters on the three floors above the building to avoid high heat loss in the pipes. Balcony pressure models can be installed on any floor of an apartment building. Solar power plants can be installed on the roof of the building for residents of any floor. It should be noted that when installing on the roof of an apartment building, the availability of the roof the consent of the co-owners is required.

How high is the temperature of the water in solar water heaters?

The temperature of the water in the solar water heater can reach up to boiling point Celsius. After that, the water starts to evaporate and comes out in the form of steam from the hole provided for it above the water heater. Therefore, there is no need to worry about seeing steam if you do not use the water heater for a long time or do not charge the water heater.

How are photovoltaic (PV) panels different? Which one is more efficient?

Photovoltaic panels can vary in size and material. Polycrystalline panels are used in standard cases, as they have the best combination of price and quality. If there are some features within the project, then the optimal panel type is selected accordingly. For example, if installation space is limited, monocrystalline panels with higher productivity are often used.

How much space does a 1 kW photovoltaic station take up?

On average, it occupies 6-7 m2. In the case of large stations, there is also a certain distance between the rows of panels, which should be taken into account when choosing an area.

How much do solar panels cost and where to get them?

540-watt solar panel costs AMD 105,000. To purchase, visit the office or call the following phone number +374 44 301111

In case of a technical problem, who should I contact?

In case of technical problems, call the office at the following phone number +374 44 301111

After the visit and drawing, what is the deadline for installing solar panels?

The work depends on the volume, the term is approximately 10 days

How much will a water heater cost, in what volume, and for how many people?

The 300-liter water heater can accommodate up to 8 people and costs up to 500,000 AMD.

What to do if, for example, a neighbor's house is damaged due to a technical problem of the water heater?

It is mandatory to inform the office, the relevant specialist will deal with the problem. Call the following phone number: +374 44 301111

Is the inverter sold separately or not?

Yes, the inverter is sold separately

Are the cables sold retail or wholesale?

We do not sell cables

Where are the charging stations?

Who to contact to purchase and install a charging station? There are charging stations in Yerevan Mall, Dalma Garden Mall, on the Yerevan-Sevan highway, in Goris, Amberd, Sisian, and Tsaghkadzor. You can find more information about them on our website or go to the following link:

Is it advisable to install solar panels on the roofs of multi-story residential buildings?

Installing solar panels on the roofs of multi-story buildings is only appropriate for residents living on the top floors. At the same time, the signature of 70 percent of the people living in the given building will be necessary for the purpose of the agreement

Is it possible to buy a solar panel on credit?

Yes, it is possible to buy a solar panel on credit. For details, please go to the following link:

Is it really beneficial to install a solar panel?

Yes, it is definitely beneficial to install a solar panel

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