Calculate the cost of your solar system


Switching to solar energy is an important and serious step. The potential benefits of solar energy are numerous: zero utility costs, energy independence, inexhaustible energy, and a clean environment.

After making the decision, the first question that interests everyone is the price and capacity of the station. "How much power do I need, and how much will it cost?"

Specialists, taking into consideration several factors, calculate the final and exact price of the station. However, the initial price can also be provided online in a matter of seconds.
You just need to have your average monthly electricity consumption. By filling in the number in the SOLARA.AM calculator, you will get the initial value of the solar system you need, with all the details provided.

For example, if the amount of consumed electricity per month is 10,000 AMD, then according to the preliminary calculation, our meter will offer a 1.8 kW system, which will cost 830550 AMD. The system will provide 2700 kWh of annual productivity. 

After the preliminary calculation, our specialists provide a detailed individual consultation. They take into consideration such features as the roof area, type of panels, climatic characteristics of the area, roof slope and orientation, location, and the number of sunny days.

Taking into account the fact that there are more than 300 sunny days in Armenia in a year, the use of solar energy becomes more profitable. The right quantity of panels and professional installation ensures the high efficiency of the system and a high return on


Calculate the price of the solar system you need right now.

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