Cooperation with ARMENIA TV


The energy challenges of the 21st century require innovative solutions, and having our own energy source has become a vital precondition around the world. The best and effective way to achieve energy security and independence in Armenia is to use solar energy.
Thanks to one of the largest and most powerful collaborations of SOLARA, ARMENIA TV became the first in the media sector to switch to solar energy by installing its own solar power station.
 For ARMENIA TV, SOLARA has designed and installed a 124.5 kW solar power plant with an annual output of 196,710 kWh.
 300 Armenian-made LA Solar brand LS415HC solar panels and SOLIS P 3P 80K, Solis 3P 40K converters were used for this project.
Having its own source of energy, Armenia TV gets not only clean and safe energy but also more than 8 million 400 thousand AMD annual savings. Thanks to SOLARA solar panels, 85,155 tons of CO2 is NOT emitted into the environment, which is approximately equal to 46,835 newly planted trees.

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