New EV Charging Station at Dalma Garden Mall

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular in Armenia as they are more affordable and cost-effective. At the same time, they do not yield to traditional cars in their main characteristics, ensuring a fast and safe ride with a full charge.

Just like worldwide, the field of EVs is rapidly developing in Armenia. This contributes to the development and spread of EV charging infrastructure. New and modern stations are being installed throughout Armenia and Artsakh, creating favorable conditions for drivers to shift to EVs.

To prove this, in August 2021, every fifth car imported to Armenia had an electric engine. Meanwhile, two years ago, in August 2019, every 1500th car had an electric engine (source: “Ampop Media” article). 


SOLARA, staying true to the idea of spreading green culture, continues selling EVs and installing EV charging stations throughout the republic. 

Fast charging stations occupy a unique place among other charging stations. By the way, these stations first appeared in Armenia thanks to SOLARA. The new Solara Fast Charger has been installed at Dalma Garden Mall. It is designed to charge three EVs at the same time for periods ranging from 25 minutes to one hour. The station is equipped with five charging ports:

  • Type 2 Menekkes provides 22 kW power
  • Type 1 (J1772) provides 7 kW of power
  • CHAdeMO\Tesla provides 60 kW power
  • CCS1\CCS2 provides 60 kW power


Those cars that do not have the above-mentioned fast-charging ports will charge through special inverters. 

For instance, from now on, you can charge your Tesla car through a fast-charging Tesla adapter that is easily connected to the CHAdeMO port.

To make the charging process as quick and convenient as possible, SOLARA has launched a special app - Solara EV Charger that allows you to find the nearest currently available EV charging station on the map. 

The Solara EV Charger app is available for download from AppStore and PlayMarket. The app is free of charge, and here you can create a personal account and pay for the charge online with a bank card. 



SOLARA charging stations are located in the following addresses:

  • Dalma Garden Mall FAST Charger | 3 Tsitsernakaberd Hwy, Yerevan
  • Mega Mall Fast Charger | 16 Gai Ave, Yerevan

  • Gurman Tavern Fast Charger | 27th km of Yerevan - Sevan Hwy
  • SOLARA head office, SOLARA EV Charger | 14 N. Buniatyan St, Yerevan
  • SOLARA Gyumri office, SOLARA EV Charger | 15/5 V. Sargsyan St, Shirak

  • Garage Masters’ Mall |SOLARA EV Charger /2 chargers/, 1 Mazmanyan St, Yerevan 
  • Kidz Mall Armenia | SOLARA EV Charger | Arno Babajanyan St, 52/2, Yerevan

  • Harsnadzor Eco-Resort | SOLARA EV Charger | Halidzor Province, Syunik
  • Amberd Hotel | SOLARA EV Charger | 1/36 Byurakan Antarut, Aragatsotn
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