Special Terms of Dollar Leasing


Get SOLARA solar systems and the latest generation equipment and get 20% cashback

Find below the special terms of dollar leasing provided by our partner ACBA Leasing:

  • The dollar leasing limit begins at $ 10,000
  • The provision period is 4-7 years
  • Depending on the disbursement period, the annual interest rate is 11-12%
  • Cashback is calculated ONLY from the price of the product (service), without taxes
  • Invoice Value - VAT = Product (Service) Price
  • Cashback is calculated as the invoice value of the system – VAT
  • Cashback is paid within 3 months.
  • The customer can freely manage the Cashback
  • In case of early repayment, there are significant penalties and fines
  • +/- In the case of a 20% down payment, the actual loan interest rate after cashback is ~ 4%
  • Leasing is intended only for legal entities
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