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An electric car is convenient, easy to charge and inexpensive

Will an еlectric car change Your lifestyle? Definitely yes!

First of all, electricity charging costs less than running a vehicle on petrol or diesel, and sometimes even nothing if you use the public charging stations or get an EV charger. With your own EV charger at home, it is more efficient to charge your car at night with less expensive electricity. Moreover, a better solution to electric vehicle charging at home is the home solar battery system – a home energy storage solution that gets power from sunlight absorbed through the solar panels.

Another essential benefit of electric cars is the huge and positive impact on the environment: fewer greenhouse gases and air pollution, no emissions, and less noise. Electric vehicles have low running costs because they usually require less maintenance. The electricity used for charging vehicles is obtained from solar energy, which means the cost of charging a car is reduced to the minimum.

For everyday use, one plug-in a week is more than enough for local driving. It is also convenient to go for long-distance road trips with your EV car. Electric cars have a range of 50-100 miles and Tesla cars have up to 400 miles of range, so there’s no need to worry.

As the official representative of LA Solar Group, SOLARA offers sales of the world-famous Tesla electric mobiles in Armenia.

In Armenia, electric cars can be easily charged as there are both solar batteries and available charging stations. You can find the map of the charging stations here.

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