12 facts about clean energy


The world is moving towards renewable energy. The reason is that it is harmless, completely natural and cheaper than non-renewable resources such as crude oil, coal and gas.

A number of developed countries realize that the introduction of clean ecology will be a big step for environmental protection.

We present interesting facts that revolutionized the "bad habits" of humanity, setting the pace for their spread throughout the world.

  1. Seeing the benefits of using natural energy sources, large companies such as Walmart and Microsoft have invested a significant amount of their funds in the production of solar and wind panels. Company leaders hope it will help tap fossil resources in the future.

  2. The European Union, with the exception of Poland and Greece, has announced that it will stop building all coal-fired towers.

  3. The first solar balloon, named Ballon ORA, was launched from Dumont d'Urville station in Antarctica in January 2011 by a joint team of students, scientists and engineers.

Technically, these types of balloons fly by heating the air inside them with solar radiation. Basically, these balloons are made of black or dark materials.

  1. The first solar panel was invented in 1941. And the first commercial panel was released by Bell Laboratories in 1954.

Solar energy is now considered the most affordable and widespread energy source in the world. The use of solar panels is a very effective way to protect the environment in our time.

  1. According to research by the World Wildlife Fund, by 2050 clean energy will meet 95% of the world's energy needs.
  1. Recently, the bicycle replacement program has grown significantly worldwide. The program operates in more than 800 cities in 56 countries.

  1. From 2006 to 2014, the nuclear energy development program decreased by 14%, according to the published data of the growth of clean energy democracy.

  2. If we take full advantage of the sun's full energy, one solar hour can be enough to power the entire world for 1 full year.

  3. Clean energy is a great way to create additional jobs.

Renewables outpaced the rest of the U.S. economy in job creation by 12%, according to a report by the Environmental Defense Fund.

  1. On August 31, 1955, William G. Cobb of General Motors Corp. showed off its 15-car Sunmobile, the world's first solar-powered car.

Electric vehicles have a number of advantages, including maintaining clean air, less dependence on fossil fuels, and power plants for home and business.

*Keep in mind that the SOLARA Company rents and sells Tesla electric vehicles in Armenia. 

  1. A Harvard University study found that coal's impact on human health is about $74.6 billion. Thanks to clean energy that does not produce any pollution, the indicators can be significantly reduced.
  2. The largest solar facility is located in the Mojave Desert, on 3,500 acres of land and+ owned by NRG Solar, Google, and Bright Star Energy.

We believe that the solar revolution made by the SOLARA company can create a stable and prosperous future in Armenia.

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