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Solar photovoltaic installation company SOLARA has adopted a strategy to carry out activities in the field of the green economy in Armenia and promote its development.

Our organization was founded in 2019 and in a short period of time has become one of the industry leaders. The significant success achieved by SOLARA has become a reality thanks to the rich experience accumulated by the LA SOLAR GROUP, founded in 2011 in the USA. SOLARA is a strategic partner of LA SOLAR GROUP in Armenia.

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Warranty of 25 years


Guaranteed Installation Period


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Why Choose Solara?

What You get from the sun, what You save

As a result of installing solar plants, You use renewable energy resources, prevent damage to the green environment, and save a significant amount of money.

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Today's present is your tomorrow's future

There is a great potential for solar energy in Armenia. Its effective use is beneficial both economically and in other spheres of social life and everyday life.

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The guarantee of receiving solar electricity is a free opportunity

Natural energy is affordable, harmless for the green economy, and the return of the invested funds is quite realistic in a short period of time.

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Solar energy is clean and safe

It prevents environmental pollution, can be produced on a small scale by the users themselves, is considered a cheap but reliable source of energy. Solar energy will eventually occupy a dominant role in the energy supply process, both on an industrial and individual scale.

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Our projects

Our projects

SOLARA company offers modern solar solutions, that provide exceptional efficiency, save a lot of money. Every project with us is successful.

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New EV Charging Station at Dalma Garden Mall

New EV Charging Station at Dalma Garden Mall

These stations first appeared in Armenia thanks to SOLARA. The new Solara Fast Charger has been installed at Dalma Garden Mall. It is constructed to charge simultaneously three EVs with a duration starting from 25 minutes up to 1 hour.



SOLARA Joined The Project "100 Houses in Artsakh"

Our team has implemented the financing and installation of a modern solar station to provide the school in Dahrav with free electricity.

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SOLARA and UCOM launched a new mutual offer

Solara and Ucom have started new beneficial cooperation.We will pay your monthly fees of Ucom fixed communication

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