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Solar panels form one of the main components of a solar system. Their selection and installation is a delicate task, as it requires careful and accurate calculations, starting from the productive capacity of the panels, volumes, quantity and position to the affordable price offer. It is very important to match the price and quality. At Solara, they know the nuances of this work and can do it in the best way.

Solar panels can be installed both on the roofs of buildings and in free spaces on the ground. Installation of solar power plants is beneficial for individuals, business and agricultural sectors.

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Solar panels are a profitable alternative

The electricity productivity of Armenian-made solar panels differs significantly from the production of other countries. Solara uses solar panels produced by the LA SOLAR company operating in the Alliance free economic zone. Solara is a strategic partner of "LA SOLAR GROUP" company, founded in the USA in 2011 and included in the list of 5000 fastest growing businesses of that country. During the 25-year warranty for Armenian solar panels, the efficiency of the panels drops to 80 percent. In 2022 the annual production volume of the plant will increase from 90 MW reached 300.

Solara has 370-450 W panels made from MONO-PERC type crystals available. This technology is considered the best in the world.

70 percent of Armenian solar panels marked MADE IN ARMENIA are exported to the USA and ensure the high efficiency of receiving solar electricity, and 30 percent reach Armenian consumers and absorb the Armenian sun.

"Solis" brand inverters are used in the SOLARA solar system, which are one of the most profitable products in the world market of the industry.

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