3 Common Myths About Solar Energy


The demand for clean energy is growing daily around the world. For example, sunlight's abundant potential and ability to be used all year round make it one of the most appealing electricity sources. New technologies emerge on a yearly basis as a result of various innovative improvements in solar modules. The rapid development of the sphere in Armenia increases the number of solar energy myths and misconceptions.

Solar modules work only in sunny weather
In fact, photovoltaic solar systems can absorb solar energy in any condition, including rainy or snowy weather. 
Keep in mind: solar modules absorb the sunlight and not the Sun’s heat.
It is also convenient to have solar accumulators or portable power stations that will help you store the converted sunlight and use it whenever needed.

It is hard to sell a house with a PV solar system
Some people think that solar modules installed on the roofs, besides being ugly, also reduce the house's resale value. In fact, an installed PV solar system will raise the market price of real estate. For instance, research conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the USA shows that buildings with a PV solar system are priced 20% higher than those without it. 

Solar system installation is a complicated process
In reality, installing a solar system is as easy as installing any appliances or electronic devices at home. Armenian-manufactured solar modules are installed in four stages:

  1. Consultation
    The best specialists in the sphere answer all your questions explaining the operating and cleaning nuances.
  2. Engineering
    Solar systems are constructed and created in correspondence with your territory’s geographical position, as well as roofing peculiarities.
  3. Installation
    After engineering and preliminary testing comes the PV solar station installation stage.
  4. Monitoring
    It is possible to monitor your system’s work through a special mobile application.
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