How to care for solar panels in winter


Many families and businesses in Armenia use solar energy and receive free electricity.

Taking into account that in Armenia 365 days in a year there are 300 or more sunny days, the use of solar energy becomes more than profitable.

Long daylight hours and high sun intensity ensure the high performance of PV panels without human intervention.

How do panels work in winter? And is there a need for special care?

In winter, the panels continue to operate under normal weather. There is a need to clear snow from the panels, but it does not require much effort and complexity.

We have compiled a small guide for the care of winter panels, developed by our SOLARA specialists.

  • There is no need to clean the panels every day when freezing temperatures are within normal limits.
  • Snow up to 10 cm is self-cleaning from the sun's rays, as the panels heat up and melt the snow during operation.
  • A layer of 11 cm or more of snow should be carefully cleaned using only soft brushes.
  • If there is ice under the snow, never scratch it or try to clean it up. The ice on the panels will melt according to the same principle during operation.
  • Avoid hard-toothed metal brushes. They can scratch or damage the panel's protective layer, causing the panel to malfunction in the future.

It should be noted that the solar system located at a certain angle is much faster and easier to "self-clean" through melted snow and rain without human intervention.

It is preferable to clean the horizontally installed system 1-2 times a year, depending on the degree of contamination.

As a reminder, SOLARA provides a monitoring device for each installed solar system, which allows you to constantly monitor the amount of energy generated by your solar system through a mobile application.

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