TESLA Powerwall 2 is already in Armenia. Everything you need to know about the most popular energy concentrator


Adhering to our goal of making the world's best solar devices available in Armenia, SOLARA is once again presenting exceptional innovations.

The world-famous Tesla Powerwall 2 battery with modern, powerful and minimalist design is already in Armenia. It ensures the energy independence of the home or business and becomes a source of electricity even during the most unexpected disconnections.

Tesla Powerwall 2 for example, can power a 2-room house all day long. It’s created with a special minimalist design, is compact and safe, thanks to which it can be easily installed both indoors and outdoors. To increase the power of the system, several batteries can be combined into one group.

Tesla Powerwall has a built-in inverter. During the day it accumulates inexhaustible and free energy and uses it in the evening.
Tesla Powerwall 2 is a profitable and convenient for small and medium businesses. It not only provides inexhaustible energy, operates devices in the event of an accident, but also conserves nature by reducing dangerous emissions.

Features of Tesla Powerwall 2

Security - Thanks to the modern design, the accumulator is safe even for kids and pets. High voltage cables and wires are missing from the outside.

Flexibility - The accumulator can place both on the floor and on the wall. Up to nine Powerwalls can be installed in one group of batteries, which allows you to provide power to homes and businesses of different sizes.

Reliability - The battery case is protected from dust and moisture. Powerwall 2 is heat-resistant. The special temperature control system ensures the uninterrupted operation of the device in any weather conditions (from −20°С to +50°С).

Monitoring - The system is remote controlled. All the information of the device can be seen through a special mobile app.

Tesla Powerwall 2 is a fully automated device and does not require special maintenance.

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