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Welcome to Solara

This is not the future … this is now!

Solara was founded in 2019 and is the official distributor of solar panels from La Solar Group. Solara provides all types of services for the design, installation and maintenance of solar power plants of all kinds.

We also carry out the selection and supply of various types of equipment for solar power plants.

We offer an individual approach to each client, high quality service, financial support, stability, service guarantee.

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Warranty of 25 years

Solara offers one of the most comprehensive System and Energy Production Guarantee in the industry as part of the system price – including all labor and materials. We always use the highest quality products (e.g. brand new, Grade “A” solar panels) and installation materials with meticulous engineering, proven installation practices, and project planning that are second to none – backed up by our Guarantees.

Guaranteed Installation Time - 60 days, Guaranteed Solar Production - Included, Solar Module Parts and Labor Warranty - 25 Years, Inverter Parts and Labor Warranty - 5 Years, Solar Water Heater Warranty - 5 Years, Roof Leakage - Guarantee 10 years

Our projects

Project Cases

With energy demand rising in the future, alternative energy sources which refer to any source of energy that is not derived from fossil fuels, are becoming more and more popular.

Dzoragyugh village, house

16 SunPower 320 W - 1x Solis 5K-DC

Garage Masters' Mall

180 SunPower 320 W - 2x Solis-30K-DC

Nerqin Shengavit, workshop

205 SunPower 320 W - 1x Solis-40K-DC, 1x Solis-30K-DC

Sari Tagh, house

20 SunPower 320 W - 1x Solis-7K-DC

Harsnadzor Eco Resort

28 LA Solar 415 W - 1x Solis-10K-DC,1x Solis-12K-DC

Ishkhan Danielyan

14 LA Solar 370 W - 1x Solis-5K-DC

Merdzavan, house

16 SunPower 320 W - 1x Solis 5K-DC

Edgar Harutyunyan

14 LA Solar 370 W - 1x Solis-5K-DC

Dzoraghbyur, house

32 SunPower 320 W - 1x Solis 7K-DC, 1x Solis 4K-DC

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. 25/12

Solar energy for your house: advantages and disadvantages

Solar energy for your house: advantages and disadvantages

Recently, alternative energy sources are gaining more and more popularity...

. 25/12

Light to energy: how solar panels work

Solar panels, or as they call it “Solar Panels”, are a device that converts solar energy into electricity...

. 25/12

Alternative energy: Armenia and the world

Modern researchers around the world are actively working on the creation and deployment of alternative energy sources...

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