"Solara" solar panels are among the most demanded in Armenia. Artak Aghekyan.

24/01/2023 had an interview with Artak Aghekyan, head of the sales department of Solara, a company that installs solar photovoltaic panels, about the importance of using solar photovoltaic plants, their efficiency, as well as the best conditions for purchasing green systems in Armenia.

Mr. Aghekyan, what is the logic behind the proposals regarding the purchase of solar panels in the "Solara" company?

The sun is an alternative energy source, the energy obtained from it is ecologically clean, does not harm nature, and is financially beneficial.

Unfortunately, we have a high level of air pollution. The air pollution index in Yerevan reaches 370. I should mention that, for example, in Delhi, the capital of India, that indicator is 300.

The motivation for using alternative sources of energy should not only be financial savings, but also environmental protection.

In other words, this type of alternative energy not only contributes to environmental protection but is also effective in terms of financial management, as it provides an opportunity to have significant savings. The vision of "Solara" company is that more solar systems should be installed in Armenia. On the one hand, we have the problem of energy security and independence, on the other hand, due to the position of Armenia, we have extremely favorable conditions for the efficient use of solar energy.

But recently, the electricity consumption market has been liberalized and there are already a number of major players. Most of them are companies engaged in the installation of solar plants and among these companies "Solara" occupies a leading position.

Our approach is customer-centricity. At "Solara", we strive to provide the most advantageous situation for the users of our services. That's why we constantly study the market and present the best profitable offers to our consumers.

We have prepared profitable offers for both B2C and B2B customers. In both cases, the price policy is formed taking into account many factors. In the end, we give the offer that turns out to be the most profitable. It is enough for the customer to call 8113 and the answers to all questions, including the circulating legends about solar plants, will be turned into realistic and profitable offers.

Today, there are opportunities for a citizen to purchase solar panels with many payment options, including credit with an interest rate of 0-5%. We, in turn, develop this opportunity and create the most profitable offers possible.

With the consent of the client, we carry out monitoring, calculating the amount of energy spent during the year, and month, and studying the possibilities of additional savings. We inform our customers about the results, after which they decide whether to start using the solar plant or wait. Most of the customers who contact us are quickly oriented and understand - the solar plant is definitely beneficial.

Sometimes, the problem of installing solar photovoltaic plants arises when it is not possible to install panels of the expected capacity for consumption due to insufficient space. In order to make it clearer, I should mention that to get 1 kW of electricity, an average area of ​​5 square meters is needed.

At Solara, we combine environmental protection with effective and long-term financial management.

What are your results in terms of sales of the "Solara" company?

"Solara" solar photovoltaic plants are among the most demand in Armenia. Our goal is to "solarize" the settlements of Armenia year after year and to achieve this goal, we have various beneficial offers, which we regularly inform about on the "Solara" social media platforms. We currently offer packages starting at 0% interest with the best installment or leasing terms. All this, of course, is supported by the state, so that our citizens can realize the opportunity to get free electricity.

At Solara, sales in 2022 have already reached 15 megawatts, which is quite a significant and competitive indicator. This is a great result and we will continue to maintain this pace of development.

How is the first contact with the customer and what stages should the customer go through?

It is very important for the client to realize the benefits he gets by purchasing a solar plant. And if he visits our company with that mindset, the job becomes easier. First of all, we carry out free consultation and measurements, followed by the offer of a profitable package to the client. It is very important to emphasize that we contractually guarantee the productivity of the plant for 25 years. And already after the commissioning, the monitoring of the station is carried out by our monitoring department in 24/7 mode, constantly being in contact with our customer, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the station. 

And with the "Solis Cloud" application, the owner of the plant can see in real-time how much electricity the plant is producing at that moment, even for the whole year, month and day. In addition to installation, we prepare and submit all necessary documents and applications to relevant institutions, creating maximum convenience for our customers.

"Solara" company has started to offer new Bifacial panels. What are their advantages and in what price segment are they available to our public?

"Solara" company in 2011 It is a strategic partner of the LA SOLAR GROUP company founded in the USA, which founded the LA SOLAR company in Armenia. In the "Alliance" free economic zone, it produces solar modules that have passed all certifications of world quality, and during the construction of our stations, these panels of Armenian production are exclusively installed. We have recently started circulating Bifacial panels which have two faces. Thanks to this innovation, the solar module is able to produce up to 10% more electricity than other panels.

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